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Welcome to Open University of Sudan digital repository. OUS Repository is a digital collection of the University's intellectual or research output. The University recognizes the importance of free and unrestricted access to its scholarly outputs, and the importance of maximizing the impact of OUS research worldwide. The OUS Repository contains and preserves OUS Courses, theses and dissertations, research articles, conference papers, Students projects and researches, rare and special materials and many other digital assets. Please note that the OUS Repository is a growing repository and in its current state is not a complete record of OUS research output.

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  • محمد, يوسف عبد الله ابراهيم (جامعة السودان المفتوحة, 2016)
  • Altahir, Ahmed Babiker (Open University of Sudan, 2009)
    The word phone is a Greek word. It simply means sound. So, phonetics is concerned with describing the speech sounds that occur in the languages of the world
  • احمد, احمد هاشم (جامعة السودان المفتوحة, 2007)
    بيان المعالجات المحاسبية لمشكلات اسعار الصرف في ظل المعايير المحاسبية الدولية . توضيح المعالجات المتعلقة لمجموعة المشاكل المحاسبية في الشركات متعددة الجنسية. شرح المعالجات المرتبطة بالمشاكل المحاسبية في الشركات القابضة ...
  • Hadra, Tawheeda Osman (Open University of Sudan, 2008)
    Morphology is the study of how words are formed. The word morphology itself is formed up of two parts morph which means form’ and ology which means ‘study The two elements morph and ology are called morphemes. This ...
  • Arbab, Slayed (Open University of Sudan, 2008)
    Teaching and testing are so closely interrelated that it is impossible to work in either field without being concerned with the other. Students learn a language. Teachers teach and test what students learn. Teachers ...

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